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Deciding which needle type to choose for a project can be daunting. We carry a great selection of sewing machine needles specifically designed to give you professional results on your embroidery machine whether you are stitching on a basic home style sewing machine with an embroidery attachment or using a multi-head commercial embroidery machine. Below you will find some handy Needle Notes to take the mystery out of choosing the best needle for the job!

Needle Notes


We carry two Classes of Needles for Machine Embroidery at

Home Machine Needles – the shaft of these needles that fits up into the sewing machine has a half round on one side and are flat on the other.

Commercial Machines – the shaft of these needles that fits up into the sewing machine is fully rounded.

Check the needle that you have been using in your machine to see if it has a flat side. If so, you will  use the home machine needles. If it is fully round, you should order the commercial machine needles.


Needles can have either a Sharp Tip or a Ball Point Tip. Sharps are used for woven fabrics (all of our cotton and linen fabrics offered at Embroider This! ). Ball Point Tips are designed to be used on Knit fabrics only (like our cotton interlock fabric).

Sharp needles pierce the fabric when they stitch. Ball Points push the fibers out of the way when they stitch so the needle slips in between the individual fibers. This prevents knit fabrics from getting a run (like in your stocking!). Our Ball Point needles have BP as part of the item#.


We offer two sizes of needles 75/11 and 90/14. The first # is the European number and the second# is the USA size designation. The tip of the needle that goes into the fabric  is thinner (smaller) on the size 75/11 than the stip  of the 90/14.

Use the 75/11 for most of our products. The 90/14 has a thicker tip and will make a bigger hole when it pierces the fabric. It is best for heavier fabrics like our blankets or throws.


We offer several options for quantity of the various types of needles. We offer a “variety pack” in the Schmetz brand 5 Pack (3 of size 75/11 and two of 90/14). We offer 5 packs, 10 packs, and 100 packs of the Organ Titanium Needles


Organ Titanium are the overwhelming needle of choice by Embroidery Professionals. Organ Needle Company’s Titanium Needles stay sharp longer, result in less thread breakage. The needles last much longer than other brands so you can save you money as well as aggravation!

Here is a handy chart outlining the Sewing Machine Needles for Machine Embroidery we carry at