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The Men’s Satin Banded Handkerchief is the long-standing standard in a cotton men’s handkerchief. It is man-sized at 16.5 inches, is made of durable 100% cotton, and had the banding along the edge that gives it a touch of elegance.

We have recently introduced the Men’s Classic Banded, which is very similar in appearance. It shares all of the best elements of the Satin Banded, but the accent stripes are a bit different. Here is a close-up comparison:

38-1300 38-0300 side by side small

As you can see, the banding in the new Classic Banded is closer to the edge of the handkerchief. The other difference is the hem – the Satin Banded is a hand-rolled hem, while the Classic Banded is stitched. However, both are great everyday handkerchiefs, sure to please the gentleman (and gentlemen always carry handkerchiefs!).