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My Embroidery Mentor is a site dedicated to helping both embroidery hobbyists and professionals master the art of machine embroidery. For the hobbyist, there are tips and videos on a variety of topics, discussion groups, free designs, pages and pages of finished projects, and all sorts of information designed to inspire your creative instincts! For the professionals (or those who want to become embroidery professionals), there are sections devoted to the key issues in “turning pro” – how to market your embroidery, how much to charge, where to find customers – all written based on years of experience.

My Embroidery Mentor was created by Deborah Jones, a 35-year embroidery veteran, embroidery expert, author and marketing professional. Deborah writes the “Ask the Expert” column in Designs in Machine Embroidery, the leading embroidery magazine. She also writes feature articles for Impressions magazine and her work has appeared on the cover of several machine embroidery magazines. A popular speaker on embroidery topics, she has created instructional videos, written embroidery software manuals and owned a successful embroidery business. Through My Embroidery Mentor, Deborah makes her extensive expertise available to you, through tips, videos, books, and private lessons.

We’ve spent time with Deborah, and we’ve been very impressed with her extensive knowledge of all aspects of machine embroidery. Her book, “Machine Embroidery on Difficult Fabrics“,  is available through Embroider This, and we look forward to partnering with her to bring you the latest in tips and techniques. Check out My Embroidery Mentor, and you’ll be impressed too!

EmbroideryArts is dedicated to producing high quality Machine Embroidery Designs for Monogramming and Personalization. They are the only major company in the world dedicated exclusively to Machine Embroidery Monogram Designs. EmbroideryArts began making digitized monogram designs in 1996, and currently has over 140 styles of monograms for machine embroidery available.
EmbroideryArts is the leader in offering beautiful and quality monogram designs for machine embroidery. They supply their monograms as individual letters, monogram sets, or the very popular collections. You can order their designs on a CD and have it shipped, or you can purchase designs as a direct download and start stitching right away! If you sign up for their free newsletter, you will receive their free “Letter of the Month”, plus access to the archive of all of the past “Letters of the Month”.
Just for being an Embroider This customer, you can receive a 15% discount on anything that you order from EmbroideryArts! Here’s how it works. Click on the special link below and you will be taken directly to the EmbroideryArts website. Order anything you wish and because you arrived at EmbroideryArts through our link, the discount will automatically be applied when you check out. 
Ready to see the great collections of EmbroideryArts monogram designs and get your 15%  Discount? Just click here. (or click any of the EmbroideryArts links contained in this post!).
And, of course, if you are looking for something to put a monogram on – take a look at our men’s handkerchiefs. Adding a monogram transforms our handkerchiefs to a truly special gift. In particular, our linen men’s handkerchief becomes a classic accessory for when your favorite guy dresses for that special occasion. And, remember Father’s Day is just around the corner!

Have you ever wondered how Sarah transforms those wonderful free designs from a graphic image to a machine embroidery design? It is a process called digitizing, which converts a graphic image into the machine-readable file that your embroidery machine can use to stitch out the design.

Digitizing is a mixture of art and science, and can take years to master. For digitizing our free designs, we rely on the proven expertise of our partners at Universal Digitizing. Using more than 100 years of combined experience, along with the latest in digitizing software, Universal Digitizing offers true value:  exceptional custom digitizing service at a very affordable price.

Imagine the ability to take your graphic image or personal artwork and stitch on your embroidery machine! Universal Digitizing will take your image from a flat graphic file to a dazzling three-dimensional embroidery file. Their website is easy to use, and they maintain a friendly and knowledgeable staff to help you through the process from start to finish. Universal Digitizing offers free quotes and a published flat rate fee structure that is based on the number of stitches in your design, so there are no surprises. In addition, they offer the ability to store custom profiles in your account, and an archiving system that allows you to access your digitized designs for six months after your order is complete.

And remember, it’s not only graphics that can be transformed by Universal Digitizing. Have you ever thought of creating embroidery from a photograph? Take a look at the beautiful flower design on the front page of the Universal Digitizing website. That was created from a photo! Imagine creating embroidery from a treasured photographic image – a scenic landmark from a special vacation, Grandpa’s treasured antique auto, or Dad’s boat. With your images and the digitizing skills of Universal Digitizing, the embroidery possibilities are endless!