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We are open and shipping orders as usual – orders are shipped on the next business day. Of course, we have taken appropriate precautions: our staff is no longer coming in to the office, and we do not permit anyone into our offices. And we are following government guidelines regarding had-washing, frequent disinfecting of surfaces with chlorine-based products, and keeping our distance from people during our rare trips to the grocery store.

Although we are getting the orders out every day, we are operating with a reduced staff (just Sarah and Steve), so we may not be able to answer every phone call. If your call goes to voice mail, please leave a message, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please be safe, and be well.

Our huck towels are not made specifically for Swedish huck embroidery. Swedish huck embroidery is done by hand, and requires “floats” or loose threads in the weave under which you can easily pass your hand needle to weave the pattern thread.

Since our business focuses on machine embroidery, all our products are chosen specifically for the machine embroidery market. Our huck towels have a tighter weave, which works better for machine embroidery, and lack the “floats” mentioned above.

Our huck towels do feature a diamond pattern woven into the fabric, which some customers have used for hand embroidery that is somewhat similar to huck embroidery. However, due to the issues mentioned above, this is not true Swedish huck embroidery.

With the introduction of our Vintage Striped Kitchen Towels in Natural, you now have two choices of fabric color. The new towel has a natural, off-white color as a background (pictured below in the lower part of the frame). Compare this to our classic Vintage Striped Kitchen Towel, which has the white background (pictured below in the upper part of the frame). The difference in color is small, but visible when they are laid side by side. Both are great choices for 100% cotton kitchen towels!

PLEASE NOTE: the photo below shows the color difference under white light, as used for studio photography. Under different lighting the towels may appear as other shades, but the relative difference between the two towels is the same.

05-NL100 color comparison version 5

Deciding which needle type to choose for a project can be daunting. We carry a great selection of sewing machine needles specifically designed to give you professional results on your embroidery machine whether you are stitching on a basic home style sewing machine with an embroidery attachment or using a multi-head commercial embroidery machine. Below you will find some handy Needle Notes to take the mystery out of choosing the best needle for the job!

Needle Notes


We carry two Classes of Needles for Machine Embroidery at

Home Machine Needles – the shaft of these needles that fits up into the sewing machine has a half round on one side and are flat on the other.

Commercial Machines – the shaft of these needles that fits up into the sewing machine is fully rounded.

Check the needle that you have been using in your machine to see if it has a flat side. If so, you will  use the home machine needles. If it is fully round, you should order the commercial machine needles.


Needles can have either a Sharp Tip or a Ball Point Tip. Sharps are used for woven fabrics (all of our cotton and linen fabrics offered at Embroider This! ). Ball Point Tips are designed to be used on Knit fabrics only (like our cotton interlock fabric).

Sharp needles pierce the fabric when they stitch. Ball Points push the fibers out of the way when they stitch so the needle slips in between the individual fibers. This prevents knit fabrics from getting a run (like in your stocking!). Our Ball Point needles have BP as part of the item#.


We offer two sizes of needles 75/11 and 90/14. The first # is the European number and the second# is the USA size designation. The tip of the needle that goes into the fabric  is thinner (smaller) on the size 75/11 than the stip  of the 90/14.

Use the 75/11 for most of our products. The 90/14 has a thicker tip and will make a bigger hole when it pierces the fabric. It is best for heavier fabrics like our blankets or throws.


We offer several options for quantity of the various types of needles. We offer a “variety pack” in the Schmetz brand 5 Pack (3 of size 75/11 and two of 90/14). We offer 5 packs, 10 packs, and 100 packs of the Organ Titanium Needles


Organ Titanium are the overwhelming needle of choice by Embroidery Professionals. Organ Needle Company’s Titanium Needles stay sharp longer, result in less thread breakage. The needles last much longer than other brands so you can save you money as well as aggravation!

Here is a handy chart outlining the Sewing Machine Needles for Machine Embroidery we carry at


Thanks to all of you who responded to my post with tips about organizing your sewing space! Many of you had more great tips to share in your comments. Keep them coming!  A few questions and requests for further tips were generated by that post, so here is a bit more on organizing your Machine Embroidery supplies and answers to some of the questions.
Linda had a good point about placing threads in your “ziploc kit” then potentially needing  it  for another project and having to dig for that thread. I do keep the “kits” I make up all together in a decorative basket so if I need to borrow an item from one I can get to it easily. If I remove something from a kit, I put a sticky note on the bag indicating what I have removed to make it easier later to put it back in the right place! p.s…For those of us who are “thread-a-holics” it is a bit less of an issue since we often have duplicate colors of thread (aren’t they just so pretty and hard to resist)!
Susan had a question about what to do with cocktail napkins. She says she envisions them only for fancy parties. Susan, these little gems find their way into all sorts of fun places! Cocktail napkins are a great party favor for Showers, both Bridal and Baby, when embroidered with cute motifs. They are fun at card parties, family gatherings, game day (embroiderer your team or funny sayings), graduation parties, girls night out, wine and cheese parties, you name it! I have seen these used at kids parties and incorporated into games by embroidering several different motifs to help the kids split into groups for games! They are also  functional as well as a fun party favor since they really do work to keep those water rings off the furniture!  The blank canvas can be “dressed up” with formal monogramming or “dressed down” with a quirky motif or saying.  You can dye them, stamp them, paint them, embroider them, or use rubber stamps! My guests enjoying taking them home after the party as just a fun little keepsake.

Barb wondered how to keep the USB sticks on which she saves her machine embroidery designs organized.  How about a key ring with the slot for a written label? I have purchased these at hardware stores.   The USB can be put on the key ring and the label can serve to write what category of designs are held within. They can then be hung from a key rack in your sewing space. You may find a large key ring on which you could store all your USB sticks!  I also use DVD’s to store designs. They hold a large amount of data and have more space to label. Another idea would be to number  the USB sticks, then  keep a spreadsheet listing the designs along with the USB stick number, then you will have your own catalog of your designs and you could search the spreadsheet for a particular design. It would take time to set up initally, but may save you time down the road!

Paula asked how to store stabilizers and Peggy had a great suggestion. She uses a hanging shoe organizer with pockets and hangs it over her sewing room door. She cuts holes in the upper pockets to allow room for the longer rolls to fit.  Great idea Peggy!  I use a similar item,  a gift wrap organizer that hangs on the door. It has roll sized pockets as well as flat pockets for bulk or sheet stabilizers. I also have a long basket in my sewing room in which I store stabilizers. After I take a stabilizer out of it’s original packaging, I either use an elastic band to keep the original label with the roll or I write out the pertinent information about the type of stabilizer on a piece of paper and pin it to the stabilizer. Unlabeled, I can easily confuse types!

I hope you found these hints and tips from all of us helpful. Please share your organizational tips in a reply to this post for all to enjoy!

Happy Stitchin’ !


Just a little Christmas Cheer for you to enjoy as you finish those last minute gifts!


An Embroidered Christmas

‘Twas just before Christmas
When all through the town
No embroidery machine was quiet
Not one was shut down.

The threads were all hung
On their racks with such care
In hopes beautiful designs
Would soon come to bear.

When from the computer
There rose such a clatter,
I sprang from my machine
To see what was the matter.

My e-mail had chimed
Alerting me to
Free designs from
They were ready to view!

I dashed to the website
And what did I see?
Over 300 Free Designs
Just waiting for me!

On Kitchen Towels, On Bibs,
On Mugs they go,
On Handkerchiefs, On Bloomers,
On Guest Towels we sew,
On Linens, On Blankets, On Pillows Ho Ho,
Now Stitch Away, Stitch Away, Stitch Away, and Sew!

Then I heard them exclaim
As they opened their gifts
We love them, we love them, we love them so much!
And the best present of all was Your Personal Touch!

Sarah Kochanowski

Downloading Embroider This! Free Designs

Embroider This! offers over 200 free designs that you can download anytime and stitch out on your own embroidery machine. We offer our free designs in up to 18 different file formats to accommodate the many different sewing and embroidery machines available on the market today. Read on to learn what the format means, how to download, unzip, and use these great free embroidery designs brought to you by y0ur friends at

What’s in a File Format Name?

The machine embroidery design files are “formatted” so they can be read and used by embroidery machines from different manufacturers. Different brands of embroidery machines “read”  different file formats in the same way a MS Excel program can read a .xls file and a MS Word program can ”read” a .doc file but not vice versa! 

Before you download the free designs, you need to know which format your particular embroidery machine needs.  This information can be found in your embroidery machine owner’s manual, on the website of your embroidery machine’s manufacturer, or from your local embroidery machine dealer. If you already have some designs for your embroidery machine, you can find the format by looking at the name of the file for the design. The format is expressed as a three letter extension at the end of the design name after the “dot” (.) like:  flower.pes  (pes is the file format) or (sew is the format).  

Following is a list of common file formats and the embroidery machines associated with each:

Format Embroidery Machine Manufacturer
ART Bernina Artista, OESD
ASD Melco
CND Melco Condensed
CSD POEM, Singer Eu, Viking Huskygram
DST Tajima
EMB Wilcom V6
EMD Elna Expressive
EXP Melco Dos Expanded
GNC Great Notions Condensed
HUS Viking Husqvarna
JEF Janome / New Home
PCD Pfaff
PCS Pfaff
PCM Pfaff
PES and PEC Baby Lock, Bernina Deco, Brother, Simplicity
SEW Elna, Janome / New Home, Kenmore
SHV Viking Husqvarna
VIP  Pfaff
VP3 Pfaff
XXX  Singer XL, Compucon

 Once you know your embroidery machine’s file format you will be able to select the correct free design file to use on your embroidery system. Some of our early free machine embroidery designs have the option of downloading a zip file containing only the specific file format you need for your machine. As the number of formats we could offer expanded, we began to offer our more recent free design files in a zipped package that contains all of the different formatted files in just one zipped file.  When you unzip the file with your zip software you can extract (save) just the file format  you need for your embroidery machine. You will find the details on downloading, unzipping, and saving the files below.

Downloading the Free Design Files

Downloading is actually pretty easy. In essence, when you are downloading, you are simply saving a file from our website to your computer. The file you are downloading and saving is a ZIP file.  The designs are provided in a zip file to make the download process faster and to protect the integrity of the files during the download process. Due to the file size, if it were downloaded without being in a zip file, the embroidery files may become damaged and unusable (corrupt).   Zip files are explained in greater detail later in this document.

To download a free design, first go to the page of the design that you wish to download. Scroll down the page until you find the place indicated for you to “click for download”.  As described above, some of the older designs will have a table of individual file format links for you to click and download a zip file containing only the format used on your embroidery machine.  The more recent free designs will have only one place to click and download all the file formats together in one zip file. In either case, when you click the download link, a standard computer “dialog box” appears with an option for you to either ”Open”,  “Save” , or “Cancel” the file. You always want to choose SAVE.

When you click on the SAVE option, a “Save As” dialog box will appear allowing you to navigate to the place (folder) where you want to save this file. This a is very important step because you must remember later where you saved this file so you can find it!   Most computers will default to the place where you last saved a document for this “Save In” dialog box but this may not be someplace you would think to look for the file later, so be sure to navigate to where you want the file to be saved before saving this embroidery design file.  I recommend creating a folder called “My Embroidery Designs” in your My Documents directory and always using this folder to save your designs. Use the little down arrow next to the “Save In” box to see where the current folder is located. Use the up folder arrow to move up a folder level, click on a folder in the window, or create a new folder in which to keep this design. Make note of where the  folder is located so you will be able  to find it later.  Another option would be to  save the downloaded file initially to your desktop then you will find it easily because the desktop view. You can always move it later if you wish to a file folder somewhere else on your computer.


The free designs are provided in a zip file to protect them during download and facilitate faster transfer over the internet.  This zip file must be first saved to your computer, then unzipped to remove the files you wish to use (sometimes called “extracting”). The file you need for your embroidery machine should be first saveed outside of the “zip” file to your computer.  Think of a zip file like a big plastic bag into which other  files have been placed. The air is then squeezed out of the bag (compressing the individual files) to make the overall zip file  smaller and easier to transfer over the internet. The “plastic bag” or zip file also helps protect the files inside during transfer over the internet.  After downloading a zip file, you open the bag (unzip the file), and extract (take out) the files you need, and the files go back to their original shape and size!  Each zip program works a bit differently so follow the instructions for your program. Winzip ( is a good zip program and I have also had success with PKZip. I am sure there are many other zip programs available to do the job as well. It doesn’t matter which zip program you use to get the design files out of the zip file.  Along with the sewing machine formatted files in the zip file, you will also find a  picture of what the design looks like (usually a .jpg file), and a text file (.txt), that gives you the color stop info and what color thread to use at each stop. 

Notes on the Appearance of Colors for the Embroidery Design after Download:  When you open or display the free design after download you may see it colorized with some pretty odd colors!  When the files are reformatted for each of the 18 different machine formats, the thread color selection information often does not translate at all and the design may appear in your format with very odd colors displayed at each of the color stops when you view it in your embroidery software.   It simply takes too much time for me to reassign all the color choices for each of the 18 file formats, so I leave that task for you to do if you wish. The free designs from Embroider This! come with a text document that  lists the color stops and suggested thread colors to use at each of these stops.   You can use your embroidery software program to reassign the colors displayed at each stop to see a better visual of the design.  The Buzz Tools ( company offers excellent affordable design editing sofware as does the Amazing Designs company (  .  The Amazing Designs company also offers free software called Edit Express Lite that allows you to view and change the colors for a design as well as perform other simple editing functions. This free software is available at this link:

Remember, you can thread your machine with any color you wish at each color stop regardless of what the picture of the design looks like on your computer or embroidery machine display screen!

Transfer the Design File from your computer to Your Sewing Machine.

Now that you have extracted and saved the design file you need for your embroidery machine to a folder on your computer , the next step is to transfer the design file from your computer to your embroidery machine.  The free design files cannot be downloaded and transferred directly from our website to your sewing machine. The zip file must be downloaded and saved to you computer first, then the zip file  can be opened and the design file in the format used for your machine extracted (taken out of the zip file and saved to your computer). Once you have saved the design file in the format you need for your embroidery machine, you are now ready to transfer design files from your computer to your embroidery machine.

This transfer process can be accomplished in many different ways. Some embroidery machines have a floppy drive, some a cd drive, and some can use a USB memory stick. others connect to the computer with a cable. Some folks use an external converting box that allows you to write the file from your computer to a blank memory card inserted into the box that is then removed from the box and placed in your embroidery machine. Check with your embroidery machine dealer and owners manual to see what options are available for your embroidery machine system.

Once the design has been transferred to you embroidery machine using the standard method for your system, you are ready to stitch!

I hope this information helps you get those free designs downloaded and stitching soon!

Here at we strive to provide you with top quality products for machine embroidery at a fair price with Excellent Customer Service. We are in our seventh year of business and have been a member of the Better Business Bureau since May of 2005.

It is with great pleasure I share with you our most recent

Certificate of No Complaints from the BBB

We truely care about the job we do for you and welcome your comments and questions about our products and our store. is committed to answering your phone calls and e-mails in a timely manner, most often within 24 hours!  So, keep your embroidery machines humming and contact us anytime, we love to hear from you!

Men’s Hemstitched 100% Irish Linen Hemstitched Handkerchiefs, Men’s Corded 100% Irish  Linen Handkerchiefs, Ladies 100% Irish Linen Garden LaceLadies 100% Linen Fan Lace Handkerchiefs, and our 100% Cotton Shamrock Lace Irish Handkerchiefs are all now in stock and ready to ship from Embroider This!

I have been waiting for this shipment since the beginning of December and I sure was glad to see it arrive at our dock this morning!  I must have a bit of the Luck O’ the Irish to have received these just in time for St. Patrick’s Day! imports these beautiful handkerchiefs from one of the oldest and most respected Irish Linen Weavers. Once you experience the soft suppleness of Irish Linen, you will understand why it is the gold standard in Fine Linen Handkerchiefs!   The Irish Weaving company that makes our Irish Handkerchiefs is widely acknowledged as the finest Jacquard linen weaver in the world.   Their reputation for quality has been developed through many generations of dedication and skill and owes much to the company’s rich heritage which began in 1854.  Use your machine embroidery to embellish one of these fine Irish Handkerchiefs and you will create a keepsake that will be treasured for years to come.

Regretfully, the factory was not able to fill our request for Ladies Hemstitched 100% Irish Linen Handkerchiefs or the Men’s Irish 100% Cotton Satin Banded Handkerchiefs with this shipment. Those two remaining items from our December order will not be ready until the end of this month. I’ll let you know as soon as they arrive.


Embroider This has just received our long awaited shipment of Double Seat Panty Baby Bloomers !

All sizes of the Girl’s Baby Bloomers are now back in stock and size 1 is again available for order on both  Embroider This! and

Also in this shipment is our charming Wine Bottle Apron with Chef’s Hat. This item is the perfect gift for the Top Chef in your life!

Let your creativity flow and personalize these items with your machine embroidery.

Stitch on!