Tips and techniques for embroidering Baby Bloomers

The Baby Bloomers with Pink Trim have been a popular addition to our line of Baby Bloomers, Boxers, Knickers, & Diaper Covers. Adding some embroidery to the seat area converts a useful product to a great gift, one that has been popular for many years. Embroidery expert Deborah Jones now demonstrates how to get that embroidered embellishment in just the right spot:

The kitty design that Deborah uses in this video is available on our Free Designs Page.  The Tear-Easy Stabilizer is available in both an eight-inch width and a twelve-inch width. Also available are the 75/11 embroidery needles, in a five-pack or a ten-pack. All products featured in this video are available at

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3 Responses to “Tips and techniques for embroidering Baby Bloomers”

  1. Michelle Lund says:

    Thank for this demo I found it very clear to understand.
    fabulous idea

  2. Joyce Fitzgerald says:

    Thanks t needed that lesson

  3. Rosalie Strickland says:

    I am going as soon as the ice and snow melt and get me an embroidery machine. Awaiting a great grandchild (couple get married Nov. 1) but I’ll be ready by then to embroidery those panties. Deborah does a great job on the video.

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