About Us

Who We Are

Embroider This!® is the leader in providing unique products for you to personalize using your home or commercial embroidery machine. Our products are also appropriate for hand embroidery, imprint, screen-print, painting, or heat transfer techniques.

Each of our “embroidery blank” products has been carefully chosen to ensure that there is a blank area that can be easily personalized by anyone using a home embroidery machine.

Our exciting product line includes many traditional gift items including fine linens, handkerchiefs, towels for kitchen and bath, baby gift items, and spa items. We also offer many unique gift items that you may not think could be personalized with machine embroidery like Travel Mugs and Pens!

Embroider This!® is fully an online retail outlet and does not maintain a brick-and-mortar storefront. Embroider This!® does not offer personalization services. Our focus is sourcing and supplying the very best machine embroidery blanks for those who enjoy this exciting craft.

Embroider This!® began as a one person business supplying items to the home machine embroidery enthusiast. Embroider This!® enjoyed early and ongoing success by offering many products unavailable elsewhere at great prices and with excellent service.

Over the years, the Embroider This!® business expanded to support Machine Embroidery Professionals in addition to the home hobbyist. Our business clients often start their venture with a home embroidery machine so our focus remains items that can be easily embellished with a home style embroidery machine. Through our sister website Wholesale Linens and Embroidery Supplies, Embroider This!® is able to offer many of our products at wholesale pricing to registered businesses.

Embroider This!® and Wholesale Linens and Embroidery Supplies are family owned and operated under the parent business name of Bobbin Inc. by the husband and wife team of Steve Ostroskey and Sarah Kochanowski. Each year the staff and warehouse space continues to grow, but Sarah and Steve remain committed and involved in the day-to-day operations of Embroider This!®. Now that their teenage children are beginning to show an interest in the business, you can be certain that Embroider This!® will remain strong for many years to come.

Our Story

Embroider This!® started in 1999 in the garage of a machine embroidery hobbyist in California. Unable to find the gift items she wished to embroider using her new embroidery machine, this industrious entrepreneur drew on her resources to import beautiful fine linens, handkerchiefs, and gift items for her own use and created the Embroider This!® website so she could offer these exciting products to others. The website grew well beyond her original vision and she happily sold the Embroider This!® business to Sarah and Steve.

Sarah took over the operation of Embroider This!® in January of 2004 and moved the business from it’s original home in California to a small commercial building in Massachusetts. Under her guidance, the business flourished and grew quickly. Steve joined the Embroider This!® team full time in July 2005 and the business moved to its present location in Framingham, MA.

Sarah’s creative background and her experience in marketing and customer service partnered with Steve’s financial and computer programming experience has allowed the business to expand dramatically. Steve and Sarah are committed to offering their customers the best products at a fair price with great service. They enjoy the challenges and rewards of working and living together and look forward to serving the needs of the machine embroidery industry into the future!

The staff of Embroider This!® share Steve and Sarah’s vision and give their best each day to ensure that you are satisfied with your shopping experience with Embroider This!®

Let us know how we are doing by e-mailing us at embroiderthis@yahoo.com.

Meet Sarah

Optimistic, creative, inspirational, inquisitive, and introspective are just a few words to describe Sarah! The youngest of 13 children, she learned to sew at a very early age from her mother. She has enjoyed a lifelong love of all things textiles and handcrafts. Her many hobbies include sewing, knitting, quilting, beading, doll-making, drawing and painting, and most recently rug hooking. Sarah started her career as a Medical Laboratory Technician before joining the corporate world where throughout her career she held positions in Training/Development, Sales, Customer Service, Order Services and Web Support. Sarah always dreamed of owning her own business so when the opportunity of Embroider This!® came along she was ready to combine her experience and passion with what she loved to create a business success!

Meet Steve

Steve is a man of exceptional intelligence, integrity, curiosity, and generosity, whose approach is logical, highly informed, and grounded in a healthy dose of humor! Steve is the oldest of 8 children so he is quite used to managing outside the box! Steve’s career path took him from computer programming into finance, then on to manage a product development department for a financial data company. Steve enjoys history, technology, politics, comedy, and travel. He is a wizard with a spreadsheet and has learned to tell a Hemstitch from a Gilucci! His keen mind and strong business skills have been the perfect complement to Sarah’s creative nature and together their skills ensure the long term success of Embroider This!®

Looking Ahead

Machine Embroidery is an exciting industry that continues to enjoy steady growth each year. New products, tools, and techniques are emerging all the time that open new opportunities and applications for this creative industry.

Embroider This!® continues to expanding its reach by developing new and exciting products, improving the usability of the website, and opening new channels for education, communication, and community for our customers through forging partnerships with other industry professionals, new product development, and the use of social media tools. We look forward to supporting your machine embroidery needs for many years to come! Steve and Sarah see the business as an extension of themselves and they are proud to count you as part of their online family!